There will be more court cases': Legal and logistical issues posed by hotel quarantine 'have not gone away'

"I CERTAINLY EXPECT there will be further cases as it is open to anyone who is subject to the hotel quarantine regime to challenge the constitutionality of their detention.”

This is according to Mary Trayers, the lawyer who represented the woman who took a High Court challenge last week after being forced into mandatory hotel quarantine despite being fully vaccinated."

One day after the government announced its new ramped up hotel quarantine scheme, two people who flew to Ireland from Israel brought cases to the High Court against their detention in hotels.

One government source with knowledge of the spat between Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Health over the expansion of the ‘red list’ of states included on the mandatory hotel quarantine list said that the legal and logistical issues have “not gone away”.

The issues are expected to “play out over the next few weeks”, the source added.

They said it is fully expected there will be a test case – adding that it was noteworthy that the Department of Health had opted not to defend the cases that cropped up over the weekend, resulting in cases being struck out this afternoon.